Monday, March 9, 2009


Hey everyone!

I am just reaching out to any young and cancerous long islanders who wouldn't mind having a beer or two.. or three for a cause?!
This also applies to any family, friends, or just anyone looking to make a difference and help aka by coming out for one of the first major fundraisers by the i[2]y Long Island Chapter!!

I am so excited!!
I have raffle tickets if anyone is interested. You do not have to be present for the event to win the prize! Just contact me at:, or to purchase tickets!! 1 for $5.00 and 5 for $20.00



Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's been awhile.. hello again.

Wow. I haven't written anything in quite some time. Like I wrote in the last post - everything is done and life is really starting to become normal again.

Throughout January I was working part time at ULTA. I've worked there before as a Merchandise Manager and was brought back promised a manager postition after the holidays. Of course with this ailing economy I shouldn't have expected that offer to last. Early February I was told they were cutting manager positions and that position was no longer availiable. No biggie.. just more crap added on my 'to-do' list for early 2009.

So after flying through January and February, Rob (my boyfriend) and I had made the decision to move back in with our parents in an effort to increase our savings and decrease our stress levels. Now being his parents live in Bethpage, NY and my mom lives in Bellport, NY - We decided with the permission of my mom, to move in together with her.

So now, I am unemployed.. again.. and living back at home with mom. Yey.

On a more personal note:
On moving day, Feb 21st 2009, Rob asked me to marry him while shuffling boxes around in our pjs. It was definitely 'our style'. Something simple and complicated all at the same time.

So for the month of MARCH
Starting to work at my moms rehab center, per diem.
Back at home with Rob and my mom.

Early 2009 has definitely been interesting.

I cannot wait until the year really starts to pick up speed.


Monday, January 12, 2009

JANUARY 2nd 2009!!!!!

Ah, January 2nd 2009!
The beginning of a new year.
The new year has always been like an erase board on my heart. A forgiving and second-chance-giving ability to start a-new. I've always felt refreshed. This year has proved to me unlike any other.. that this is true. I start with January 2nd this year, because in the early hours of that morning I finished 'my cancer year'. My portacath was removed from my chest. =)
I even type that now and smile.
It's all over.
Ah, relief. It burned deeper and more than the relief that came from the ct scan two weeks prior. The manifestation of all of my faith and prayers- and my family and friend's faith and prayers. Oh, my strong and loyal spirit- never let me down. -Thank you.
I do not know when cancer left my body. I just know that the same spirit that faught the beast is with me now- and knows that it will never be able to return. Don't get me wrong, I have my fears. My nightmares of hearing those decided diagnosis' of numerous doctors and radiologists. Those tests, and smells of plastics and iodine. That feeling directly after purposely poisoning my beautiful bod with hundreds of seconds of burning liquid that raped a year from my youth. Stole my hair and borrowed my self esteem- for that short time. I then, with only knowing the date of this last procedure- can only measure my remission from this date.
January 2, 2009 - The end of my cancer year.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gifts for Cancer Friend....

Well Im going to go by things people gave me- and things I wish I had during chemo!

Numero UNO.

Netflix/Blockbuster online membership!
This is a gift from a really great friend or parent. This is by far, the best gift you will get because you will use it the most! While home stuck on the couch- You are left with whatever is on tv, or whatever dvds you have! Where is the fun in that? Being Young and Cancerous.. leaves you unable to take that little drive up to your local blockbuster unless its a good day? And I know me personally... If I can drive- and its a good day.. I stayed out of the house!

So get this for a whopping 8-10$ a month for a buddy, will ya?! They can pick the movies they want online and get them in the mail. With blockbuster online you do get free rentals for in the store as well.

2. Bath and Body Works - Cancer Vixen line

It's going mainstream! Funny cancer gifting.. gone corporate? HOLLER!
I got this body wash from my best friend, Jackie! It smells awesome, it's funny and its simple!
Of course like everything gone pink during October- This line was only for Breast Cancer Awareness Month- So its actually 50% OFF RIGHT NOW!!

3. Funny Cancer Gear!

Click Here:

Or You can stop by my store ----->
Link is just to your right!

Cancer gear makes for funny conversation when wearing- So it's easier for us to talk about our STUPID CANCER, and being YOUNG AND CANCEROUS! =)

4. Get them started on a series they've never watched!

My friends started me on LOST! on ABC. I was able to even watch the seasons from my computer off of - But It makes such a great gift- Bc it helps us use our time!

5. Crafts.

This is an easy one! Sometimes I didn't have energy- So I had to be creative and find things that didn't take alot of energy- Forget glue, sparkles, pasting, scrapbooking- try Painting! All you have to do is hold the brush- therefor Im nominating Painting as the craft for cancer!

6. FOOD!

This is for the week after their treatment! But everyones different! I could eat and was fine the same day of chemo! Other people do not eat for days or weeks at a time! But being that Im going off of my experience- FOOD IS THE BEST! I have to say- WATCH OUT- for chemo couch potaters!.. You will gain those L Bs if you don't watch it! =)

Best food for after chemo:

You have to think ; ailing immune system!! Give me something that has a strong flavor (Because the chemo makes you lose a bit fo your taste, and/or everything you eat will have a tad of metallic to it) and is HEALTHY! Keep feeding your system with vitamin and nutrient packed goodies! Antioxidents are the best cancer fighters! My friends would come over with Acai Juice and Salads from Whole Foods Market. Delissshh.

7. Books.

Not just any book.. Funny Cancer books! But only a couple.. we dooo want to keep our mind happy and healthy- and not focus on horrible stories of death and despair. Stay in the comedy section! You can also buy health and nutrition books. One of my favorites is 'Integrative Nutrtion' By Joshua Rosenthal **Young and Cancerous need to change LIFE HABITS in order to keep cancer away! When we start working on our eating habits while bald and in the cancer trenches- we have less of a chance of losing sight of WHY we want to be heatlhy!**

8. Mani/Pedi Gift Certificates!


Our nails become brittle and even yellowish if we do not keep nailpolish on them.

However- from experience.. Sit at the first desk by the door. The smell of nail polish remover and etc. That is circulating throughout that place can make your stomach a little weak. Put your head in your shirt and feel fab!


Hell, on some of those days that you feel great- Go wig shopping! Change up your look, or your friends! The wig place is used to seeing women who are bald from chemo, or aleopecia- so Just go out with your girlfriends and go for a color that you wouldnt normally wear! THIS IS THE ONLY TIME IN YOUR LIFE WHERE YOU CAN GO CRAZY AND HAVE A FESABLE REASON! You can get the wig for just you & your friends- Or for a fun night with your significant other! =)

Another great thing my girlfriends wanted to do- But we never got the chance was a 'WIGGIN OUT PARTY' Where everyone would goout in a different color wig- So that the baldy wouldn't feel insecure about going out in public for a drink!

These are just some things I would buy! You can get creative and even make goody bags for different phases in their cancer treatment. A 'Shave your head day' kit- witha buzzer, cancer caps, wig shampoo, and funny bald gear from i[2]y or my store. You can create a chemo kit- with a barf bag, magazines, dvds etc. You can really make it a once in a lifetime experience... which is all it should be! Just try and make your cancer fighter smile! There's no better medicine! TRUST ME! Stay away from sad mushy gushy gifts =) and you'll be great!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Who's that girl in the 'Right Round' with FLO RIDA?


I love to mention music every once in awhile. It is the best mood elevator! This ones a club joint and makes me shake my tusssshhhh!


Right Round - FLO RIDA feat KESHA

& Touch Me - FLO RIDA feat KESHA

You can find more of her music here:


=) Megan

Shit. f#@% CRAP! You gotta love it.

I haven't been able to really sit down and get a thought out lately. I have so much going on lately- I knew only you guys would understand.I never figured the year after cancer.. would be spent playing catch up. So anyways, back to the reasons why I haven't blogged - summed up nice for you.

1. My PC crashed

2. I got fired from my job for 'extending their health leave'

3. I have medical collection agencies after my tushy

4. Im broke and have to move back home *Thanks Cancer.

5. My car is on the fritz and did I mention I'm broke?

6. My frozen babies require another payment for 2009 that I can't afford

I could keep complaining but I hate to be negative

so Im going to list the things that are going good right now..

1. Im alive. Bye Bye CANCER!

2. I have a new job = new possibilities

3. Medicaid has to pay the collection agencies =) and not me.
**It's just all the paperwork and phonecalls to straighten it all out

4. I can move back home and save money to go on numerous vacations this year

5. Did I mention I don't have cancer this year? holler.

6. I can still have kids, so I don't really NEED the frozen tots

7. I have a great boyfriend, amazing friends and the best family a person could ask for.
**And they're all healthy!!!!!

8. I have a low tolerance for bullshit but a high tolerance for pain!

9. I am more self confident than last year

10. I am starting to write my book/manual for cancer patients!
**thats going to be HYSTERICAL.

11. I have hair.. beautiful virgin healthy hair

And I could go on with this list forever too. So I have made the decision to STOP COMPLAINING

"It's not having what you want
It's wanting what you've got"
-Sheryl Crow

=) Megan

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Im Too Young For This blog posting =)

My Blog Posting For i[2]y

Read it and enjoy!

ps. I haven't been able to bpost lately because my computer crashed.
Will be back up as soon as I figure out an alternative solution.